Family & Couples Ministry

Rovel Dunn
Lurline Dunn

Purpose Statement

The Family & Couples Ministry exists to help homes be centres for the growth of the Christian Faith.

Mission Statement

The Family & Couples Ministry working with the local church, to support, equip and train the home leaders for their ministry in their homes.

Our Objectives
This will happen by planning, developing and implementing programs and providing resources to meet the spiritual, emotional, physical and economical needs of families.

The Family & Couples Ministry at North Park Worship Centre is committed to Families. Our desire is to create a warm-inviting atmosphere so that all families can feel accepted, loved and a sense of belonging. Implement programs that will be beneficial to families and couples by bringing people together in social and devotional settings for fellowship.

The Family & Couples Ministry helps meet the spiritual, emotional, physical and economical needs of families so that the homes can once again function according to its God ordained purpose.

The Ministry will only be effective if families open their lives and homes to all the resources provided.
• Strong Families make strong Churches and Communities.
• The Family & Couples Ministry is committed to building strong Families.

We look forward in serving you. Helping Homes be Centres for the Growth of the Christian Faith. (Deut. 6:5-9)

From the Heart

What hope does Christian Families have of surviving in today’s society with the influence of a morally corrupted culture forcing its values upon them at every opportunity?

Families upholding Godly values go against the current of society. Today, many families are being swept away by the raging current of moral decay and the banishment of every-thing Godly, leaving behind broken homes, lives, Christians with values that are indistinguishable from the world’s and children no longer choosing to embrace the faith.

Families are hurting so badly that they have lost hope and the will to stand.

The Family & Couples Ministry working with the local church form a pillar to support the homes as it equip and train its members to survive in today’s society and pass their faith onto the next generation.

Our Prayer

Is for the Homes to be a place that help people sense God’s wonder and grace and experience His tender touch, the forgiveness of sins, the mystery of prayers, the power of God’s word and the compelling desire to worship Him.

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